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2018 Temptations Schedule:

Tues, Nov. 13th:
4 pm - 8 pm
$20 admission fee
Tuesday night only
Wed, Nov. 14th: 10 am - 7 pm
Thurs, Nov. 15th:
10 am - 7 pm

The Olmsted
3701 Frankfort Ave

Louisville, Kentucky

Over twenty years ago, a group of women with small businesses organized an annual holiday boutique which has grown into a highly anticipated, well attended show. Today, Temptations Holiday Boutique offers a sophisticated and enjoyable shopping experience at the stately Olmsted on Frankfort Avenue.

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We are so proud of our Temptations merchants Clayton and Crume!!! They are featured in the latest issue of the Western Kentucky Alumni magazine. The article talks about their background at Western Kentucky and how they came to start their leather business. We love having them with us at Temptations and look forward to their booth this November. Congratulations Clay Simpson and Tyler Jury!
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Every year we extend a helping hand to those facing challenges. This year we encourage you to join with us to support The Cabbage Patch by coming Tuesday Evening to a Preview Party. Light refreshments will be served and a $20 admission fee will be charged to benefit The Cabbage Patch. The Fred Bogert Trio will be playing and delicious hor d'ourvers will be served.