Fleece and Flax
Susan Grant and Cecy Thompson

Original 100% baby alpaca woven scarves with coordinating felted hats.  custom work available to match that special outfit.

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Susan Grant

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Cecy Thompson

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We started coordinating our hats and scarves in 2003.  I (Susan) had just finished weaving a scarf and called Cecy, my next door neighbor, to come over and critique it.  Cecy just happened to bring her first felted hat still damp from felting.  It didn’t take us long to figure out we had a dynamic duo with our weaving and knitting skills.

Our fiber of choice is 100% baby alpaca.  It is as soft as cashmere but much more durable and affordable.

Fleece and Flax is a member of Kentucky Crafted.  Our hats and scarves are also sold at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, The Artisan Center at Berea, Blue Heron and Christmas at Keeneland Art Fair.

“My first weaving experience was making hot holders on a simple loom at the young age of five and I’m still weaving fifty plus years later.  I continue to be intrigued with color combinations. Seeing how different weave structures totally change by using a different treddling or warp color is fascinating.
     After weaving with many different fibers I have settled on 100% baby alpaca for my scarves.  The eight harness loom weaves a very drapeable, soft and fine fabric.  The seventy-two inch lengths allows for a variety of tying techniques.
My weaving education is life long.  I will continue the journey of discovering warp and weft combinations, they are endless.”
Susan Grant

“My mother is responsible for my love and obsession with knitting and yarn. She taught me to knit as a young child and gave me a gift that would last a lifetime.

I love the way small skeins of yarn evolve into a wearable item. The process of choosing colors, knitting, felting and embellishing the hats continues to inspire me to create new designs. The alpaca fiber is luxurious, soft and warm and it makes the finished garment extremely comfortable to wear.

When someone purchases one of my designs to wear or give as a gift it is the ultimate compliment. I never tire of the knitting process, it helps to make my life complete.”
Cecy Thompson